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Best Geyser Repair & Geyser Installation Services in Bangalore

Water Geyser & Gas Geyser Repair & Installation in BangaloreWater Geyser & Gas Geyser Repair & Installation in Bangalore

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Geyser Repair Rates in Bangalore


  • Complete diagnose of the Geyser (Water Heater) to find the root cause of the problem.
  • Free after-Service guarantee for 1 week (excluding any fault in part)
  • Equipped with latest tool kit and 100% genuine parts used for repair by professionals. You should ask for the product Invoice & applicable guarantee in case of any part change
  • Read our Geyser Repair and Installation FAQs to know more about our Water Heater repair and Installation Service in Bangalore.

  • Once you book the request, we will confirm the availability and time slot
  • Based on the scope of work, quotation will be given to you on site
  • We recommend that for any material or part purchased by the technician, you ask for the invoice for any future reference. Replacements cannot be done where the Invoice is not provided.
  • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance
  • Highly skilled technicians for Water Geyser not working, Gas Geyser problems, Geyser installation, Geyser Repair services at home, office, hotel, school or hospitals


Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best geyser repair technicians at your doorstep. You just have to select the required package and with few clicks you can book the best geyser repair professionals in Bangalore.

  • STEP 1: Select the issue with your geyser and click on Book Now button.
  • STEP 2 : Fill booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
  • STEP 3 : Booking confirmed.
  • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
  • Allotment of geyser repair technicians.
  • Call from assigned geyser repair professionals to discuss the service in details.
  • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
  • Timely visit of technicians with the best equipment.
  • Pay via cash or Paytm.

Why Us For Professional Geyser Repair & Installation Service

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Geyser is one of that essential appliance which is not just necessary for colder regions but other parts of the world also. It fulfills all the basic needs, but what happens when your geyser is not being able to meet the basic requirement?

To save you from all the hassle, Quotemykaam provides Geyser Repair & Installation in Bangalore from qualified professionals for all kinds of Geyser related issues. Professionals have the experience to fix various issues with your Water Geyser or Gas Geyser.

All you need to do is just give us a call and our trained and experienced geyser repair technicians will be at your doorstep in no time. Quotemykaam geyser repair service in Bangalore is a great choice for water heater repair!


Why Trust in Quotemykaam Geyser Repair Team?

Totally Committed & Experienced Team: We are totally committed and strive to provide excellent and high quality service. We execute all work at your place on an agreed timeline.

Transparent Pricing: We provide affordable and transparent price. No additional hidden cost.

Special Tools For Quick & Reliable Service: We use special tools and branded geyser parts for repair service and always come up with reliable repair options.


Book Geyser Repair Service With Us!

Quotemykaam make sure to serve customers with the cost-effective and best solutions to the issues and ensure to come out with the best alternative at your convenience.

Key Geyser Repair & Installation Services in Bangalore

Gulshan Narang - Geyser Repair service provider in Bangalore

Gulshan Narang


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About Professional

They are a team of qualified and certified technicians, Gulshan offers for geyser repair and installation services. Qualified professionals for all kinds of Geyser related issues such as Water Geyser not working, Gas Geyser problems and provides Geyser Repair services at home, office, hotel, school or hospitals.

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Water heater Installation Service in Bangalore

What brand of Geyser(s) do you install and repair?

• Racold Geyser Repair & Installation

• Venus Geyser Repair & Installation

• Haier Geyser Repair & Installation

• Usha Geyser Repair & Installation

• Hotstar Geyser Repair & Installation

• Kenstar Geyser Repair & Installation

• Remson Geyser Repair & Installation

• Bajaj Geyser Repair & Installation

• Havells Geyser Repair & Installation

• Johnson Geyser Repair & Installation

• Khaitan Geyser Repair & Installation

• Crompton Geyser Repair & Installation

• AO Smith Geyser Repair & Installation

• C Greaves Geyser Repair & Installation

• Inalsa Geyser Repair & Installation

• Pioneer Geyser Repair & Installation

• Eurolex Geyser Repair & Installation


How early do I need to book Geyser installation service?

It is always recommended to book water heater installation service at least 1-2 days before.


How long does it take to Install Geyser?

The geyser installation may take 1-3 hours. We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.


I would like to change the date when the geyser installation was scheduled. Is it possible?

Yes, it is possible but do let us know in advance about the same.


What are some important points that should be considered while geyser installation?

• Sufficient space for geyser unit.

• Appropriate height from ground.

• Safe electrical connection.

• Clean and dirt free water pipes.


Geyser or Water Heater Repair Service

How much time does it take to repair the geyser?

Time for geyser repair service depends on the problem. We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.


Are your technicians going to carry the spare parts for the repair or do I have to arrange it myself?

Our geyser repair technicians carry almost all the spare parts of the major brands. But if you want then you can also get the parts yourself. Please note that where ever major part is being replaced you should get the Invoice for the product with appropriate Guarantee/ warranties applicable.


Will the geyser be repaired at my place or will it be taken to the service centre?

Majority of the cases Geyser is repaired at your place. However, if a major issue is encountered Geyser might be taken by the professional at the workshop.


Do you provide any guarantee on the service?

We provide free after service guarantee for 1 week (excluding any fault in part).


What if I have any queries about the geyser installation or repair process?

If you have any queries about the process then feel free to ask our professional technicians.


Why choose geyser repair and installation service from Quotemykaam?

Experience: We have a team of experienced, skilled and professional repairman at your service.

Reliable: Our technicians are totally trustworthy and reliable

Flexible Scheduling: You can book service anytime online or over the phone and get it scheduled as per your convenience.

Fast and Effective Service: Our professional technician aim to provide you quick and effective service resolving your issues so that problem doesn't occur again.


Common Geyser Repair Problems

What are some of the common problems with geyser that require repair?

• No hot water coming from Geyser

• Water is not hot enough in the Geyser

• Water dripping from Geyser

• Low Or Poor Hot Water Pressure

• Geyser producing excessive hot water

• Geyser making loud noise


No Hot Water Coming From Geyser

Why is my water heater (Geyser) not producing hot water?

This could be due to following reasons such as faulty electric thermostat and if the electrical supply in your house is perfectly fine but still if there is no hot water from the geyser, it gives you a signal that the heating components have failed. If you come across any problem like this then it is always advisable to call the professionals.


Water Not Getting Hot Enough in The Geyser

Why is the water inside the geyser cool and not hot enough?

Thermostat is responsible for maintaining temperature of water inside the geyser. But if the thermostat is set at a low temperature then power supply gets cut off and because of this water does not heat up and remains cold.


Low Or Poor Hot Water Pressure

What are the reasons behind low hot water pressure?

Low hot water pressure could be due to sediments that gets build up in the water pipes and due to rust, corrosion in the outlet valve. Gradually with time salt and minerals gets deposited in the water pipes which prevents the flow of water through it. Rust and corrosion blocks the pipe.


Geyser Overheating Problem

Why is the water heater producing excessive hot water?

If your geyser is producing excessive hot water then it could be due to incorrect installation of pressure valve.


What do we need to do if the geyser is producing excessive hot water?

• If you come across situation like this then it is advisable to get pressure as well as temperature settings checked.

• Thermostat function should be checked.

• The parts that are damaged must be replaced immediately with the help of the professionals.


Geyser Or Water Heater Making Noise

What are some water heater sounds that you might hear?

• Water heater can make pops, gurgles and bang noise.

• Water heater can make boiling sound.


Why is geyser or water heater making noise?

If you continuously hear low rumbling, hissing or cracking sound when geyser is working then it might be due to salt and mineral deposit that has formed at the bottom of the water heater.


What do we need to do if the geyser ends up making loud noise?

• The tanks should be cleaned instantly.

• This issue can be resolved by flushing the water heater.


Geyser Or Water Heater Leaking Water

What causes water leakage problem in the geyser?

The most common problem for water leakage is bad plumbing connection, corroded water tank, overheating, leaking valves and because of high pressure which gets build up in the geyser.


Discolored And Smelly Hot Water

Why is the water from the faucet or nozzle coming out with a brown, red or yellow tint to it?

If the water from the faucet is coming out with brown, red or yellow tint to it then it could be due to corrosion that has occurred inside the water heater tank or the pipes in your house.


Why is the water that is coming out from the geyser smelling like a rotten egg?

If the water comes out smelling bad then there could be bacteria in the tank. In situation like this anode rod needs to be replaced.


What needs to be done when we notice that water is leaking from the geyser?

• Leaking valves must be changed instantly.

• Thermostat needs to be checked and in case of corrosion and rust, it is recommended to call the professionals immediately for repair or replacement.


Hot Water Heater maintenance

What are some common signs that tells you that your geyser needs to be replaced?

Life of the heater: If your heater is above 10-13 years, then you need to get it replaced.

Leakage problem: If you come across the leakage problem then it's time to call the professional. But it is always advisable to check that there is no other leaks, if you spot any damaging leaks then get the geyser replaced.

Rust and corrosion: If you come across any rust or corrosion on your water heater or if you see any rust in the water then it is advisable to get it replaced.

Water is not getting hot or it isn't hot at all: If the water is not getting hot as it used to be then the sediments have formed at the bottom of the water heater or geyser.


Why is it necessary to flush hot water heater at least once a year?

• To avoid the loss of hot water pressure.

• To prolong the life of water heater.

• To reduce the energy bills.


Are there any warning signs to look out for that may indicate that the geyser is about to burst?

Yes, there are few signs that will give you an indication that geyser is about to burst:

• Rumbling sound coming from geyser.

• Steam the comes out as soon as you open the hot water tap.


Water Dripping From Geyser

What are the reasons for dripping geyser?

Dripping geyser is one of the most common problems. The pressure control valve overflow pipe is responsible for dripping geyser. A little drip is fine and nothing to worry about but if it is more than just a few liters then it is a matter of concern. This could be due to a faulty control valve. Get the valve checked and replaced for the smooth functioning of geyser.


Water Leaking Through The Ceiling

What causes water to leak through the ceiling?

If you notice water leaking from the ceiling then this indicates that either geyser has a burst or a major leak may have developed. But in some cases it could also be due to the drip tray and overflow system may not be coping efficiently. In a situation like this contact geyser repair technicians for immediate repair.



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