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Best Mobile Repair in Faridabad | Top Mobile Repairing Professionals Near Me

Online mobile repair service in Faridabad from Quotemykaam. Top Mobile Repair Professionals in Faridabad for Iphone repair, smartphone repair, mobile screen repairOnline mobile repair service in Faridabad from Quotemykaam. Top Mobile Repair Professionals in Faridabad for Iphone repair, smartphone repair, mobile screen repair

NOTICE: We are not accepting bookings until 03 May 2020 as a safety measures to contain COVID-19. Please stay safe.

Mobile Repair Service Rates in Faridabad

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      • Free pick up and drop of your mobile phones.
      • Complete diagnose and checking of your phone.
      • Addressing all the core issues like-Mobile water damage, Mobile screen damage, Cell phone speaker problem, Mobile data recovery, Mobile overheating problem.
      • Mobile data kept 100% safe and confidential.
      • 100% latest genuine parts are used for phone repair.
      • Advanced method and repair tools are used for fixing your phone.
      • Read our Mobile Phone Repair FAQs to know more about our Mobile Repairing Service in Faridabad

      • We specialize in all kind of Smartphone repair like Samsung, HTC, Microsoft, LG, Motorola, Blackberry, Nokia Lumia and even iPhone repair.
      • We do our best to repair your phone within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
      • Warranty on water damage and accidental damage are not included.
      • We always advise our client to take all the back up before sending your phone for repair.
      • Didn't find what you were looking for? Then please mention your requirements here and we'll get it done right on time.
      • Diagnostics for all other issues is also provided.


      Quotemykaam makes it easy for you to get the best mobile repairing technician at your doorstep. You just have to select the required service type and with few clicks you can book the best mobile repair professional in Faridabad.

      • STEP 1 : Select issue with your mobile phone, brand of your phone and the model of your phone and click on View Price
      • STEP 2 : Click On Book Now.
      • STEP 3 : Fill Booking details (Takes Less than 30 seconds!) and Click on Submit.
      • STEP 3 : Booking Confirmed.
      • Confirmation message from team Quotemykaam.
      • Allotment of mobile repair professional
      • Call from assigned mobie repairing technician to discuss service details.
      • Reminder message sent 1 or 2 days prior to the booking date confirmed.
      • Timely visit of mobile repairing technician with the best equipment.
      • Pay via cash or Paytm.

      Why Us For Online Mobile Repairing Services

      • Verified and Certified Mobile Repair Technicians in Faridabad
      • One stop solution for Multi-brand Phone Repair Service
      • Onsite and Offsite Mobile Repairing done
      • 100% Genuine parts with warranty and GRADE AAA parts used
      • Free Pickup and Drop
      • Fast, Quick and Reliable Service
      • Option to Pay After Service
      60+ Services, 4.5+ Rated, 5000+ service professionals, 100000+ Happy Customers
      Best Rates, Quality & Timely Service, Awesome Experience, Trusted Professionals

      Complete Description Of Online Mobile Repair Services in Faridabad

      Mobile repairing is mandatory as mobiles have become an essential part of our lives. We cannot stay without a mobile connection for even sometimes and feel handicapped if we can’t use our phones. But to get phone repair done and find out time from our busy schedules to visit mobile repairing shops is also a challenge. You may not have the time or you may not have the right kind of mobile repairing shop near you that can fix your brand of mobile phone. Thus we at Quotemykaam bring to your doorstep the best mobile repairing service to repair all kinds of mobile brands and resolve all kinds of mobile problems. Our expert mobile repairing technicians are well trained and very thorough with their work. Plus the advantage is they will come to you and save you the time of hunting the right kind of mobile repairing shops near you.

      Our Mobile repairing professionals will ensure:

      • Quick and hassle-free mobile repairing done for mobile problems like Iphone repair, phone data recovery, mobile heating problem, Samsung mobile repair, mobile display repair, mobile screen repair, Samsung screen replacement or any other mobile repair issue.

      • Cautiously and delicately repair your mobile phone and strive to get the best solution for all your mobile repairing issues

      • Topmost level of customer service at your doorstep for all brands of mobile phones, such as Samsung, LG, Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo, One plus, Xiaomi, Nokia Lumia, Motorola and more.


      Why should you give your phone to our mobile repairing technicians in Faridabad?

      In most of the cases our mobile repairing technician fixes the issue of your mobile phone instantly. In certain critical issues, we may need to take your phone to the workshop. But you don’t need to worry about submitting your phone.

      Our Mobile repairing technician will give you a proper document stating the issue for which your phone is being taken to the workshop and a probable date by which it will be returned. We will also stamp the document with our company seal. Our backend team will also send you a notification from the official mail id once the pick up is booked and provide you with a reference number to follow up on the mobile repairing service update.

      Popular Mobile Repair Services in Faridabad

      Manik - Mobile Repair Person in Faridabad



      Rated – 4.7/5

      Based on 188 reviews

      About Professional

      Manika and his team is the one stop solution to all mobile repair services.They are one of the leading name in providing the best and reliable mobile repairing services and have a staff of certified and qualified Mobile repair technicians to repair all your gadgets and devices.

      They also provide for 100% genuine accessories with warranty like charger, battery, power bank, headphones, speaker, memory card, pen drive, selfie stick, tempered glass, cases and covers, cables, etc. They provide you the best range of lava mobile repair service, micromax mobile repair service, motorola mobile repair service, Samsung mobile repair service, gorilla glass & nokia mobile repair service and iPhone mobile repair service Noida with effective & timely delivery.

      Jay Parkash - Mobile Repair Person in Faridabad

      Jay Parkash


      Rated – 4.7/5

      Based on 156 reviews

      About Professional

      Jay Parkash is one spot for All Dead Mobile Repairing Solution, Android Repairing solution, Windows Phone repairing solution, iPhone repairing. They have best and certified mobile technicians in Delhi NCR for all your gadgets and devices like mobile phones, laptop, tablet, PC, Ipads. They are specialized in phone screen repair, software/hardware problems, speakers problems. They also repair charger and MP3 Players.

      Amit  - Mobile Repair Person in Faridabad



      Rated – 4.5/5

      Based on 111 reviews

      About Professional

      Amit Mobile Services is the best Apple Service Centre in Delhi NCR. Their motto is to provide quality and timely service to the customers with expert knowledge, skills and promptness. They deal in repairing all the Apple products – iPhone, Mac, iPads, etc. and address all the issues like iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery replacement, iPhone glass replacement, iPad screen repair, apple macbook repair and more.

      Ramesh - Mobile Repair Person in Faridabad



      Rated – Not Rated/5

      Based on 1 reviews

      About Professional

      Ramesh has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Cell phone repair service. They have certified and well trained staff of Mobile repair technicians and expert in Black Berry repair, Samsung phone repair, HTC Repair, iPhone Repair Services including broken screen repair, water damage, Keypad repair and more and providing the spare parts for your gadgets and devices as well with warranty. They also excel in iPhone screen replacement service.

      Yogesh - Mobile Repair Person in Faridabad



      Rated – Not Rated/5

      Based on 2 reviews

      About Professional

      Yogesh has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Mobile phone repair service. They have certified and well trained staff of online Mobile repairing technicians who are experts in repairing all kinds of mobile phone brands. Be it mobile screen replacement, mobile display repair or mobile screen repair they can fix it well.

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      Online Mobile Repair Service in Faridabad

      Quotemykaam ensures to provide the best online mobile repair service in Faridabad at the best rates. Our aim is to provide complete hassle free service and resolve the mobile phone problem from the comfort of your home. Our online mobile service is completely genuine and reliable.

      Which mobile phone brands do you specialize in for Mobile Repair Services in Faridabad?

      Our technicians specialize in multi-brand mobile phone repair, namely:

      • Samsung mobile repair

      • Sony mobile repair

      • HTC mobile repair

      • iPhone Repair

      • Microsoft mobile repair

      • LG mobile repair

      • Motorola mobile repair

      • BlackBerry mobile repair

      • Oneplus mobile repair

      • Vivo mobile repair

      • Oppo mobile repair

      • Nokia Lumia mobile repair


      What mobile repair problems are covered in your mobile repairing services in Faridabad?

      Our technicians specialize in all kind of mobile repairing services. Such as:

      • Cracked screen repair

      • Touch screen repair

      • Mobile screen repair

      • Mobile Display repair

      • Broken Mobile screen repair

      • Virus removal

      • Sound/Voice issues

      • Phone Buttons not working

      • Mobile battery not charging

      • Mobile front camera not working

      • Mobile back camera not working

      • Mobile dock charging problem

      • Phone Speaker not working

      • Phone Overheating problem

      • Mobile phone data recovery


      What is included in mobile repairing service in Faridabad?

      Diagnosis, repair and replacement of parts (if required, additional charges applied for replaced parts) are included in mobile repairing services.


      How genuine are the parts that you use for repair?

      We always use 100% genuine parts with warranty or GRADE AAA parts (as preferred by the client) for mobile repairing services ensuring a high quality service and long lasting solution.


      What is included in mobile repair estimates?

      Mobile repair estimates includes both the price for replacing the parts as well as the labor charge.


      Why should I use Mobile Repairing Service in Faridabad from Quotemykaam?

      • Verified, Skilled and Certified Mobile Repair Technicians

      • Both Onsite and Off-site mobile repairing services available.

      • Expert in repairing multi-brand smartphones and Apple Iphones.

      • 100% genuine parts with warranty or GRADE AAA parts used.

      • Quick turnaround, Quality and Timely Service.

      • Free pick up and drop of your mobile phones.


      What are the things I need to keep in mind before I call in for mobile repair service?

      To ensure that the mobile repair is done as quickly as possible, we would request you to do the following:

      • Make sure that you back up your phone's data.

      • If there is any screen locking password, please remove them.


      Do you provide phone antivirus?

      Yes, Our mobile repairing technicians provide you with phone antivirus to keep your phone protected from the dangerous virus.


      How long do you take to repair the phone?

      The duration of mobile repair depends upon the problem. Most issues are resolved onsite but few issues like phone water damage, swollen battery, camera replacement may take a longer time. Whatever the case may be our technicians will always inform you in advance.


      What happens to my phone when it is picked up for off-site mobile repairing?

      Once your phone is picked up for off-site mobile repair, you will receive an SMS on your registered mobile and an email confirmation about the same. Your phone is then dispatched to our workshop where it is diagnosed and repaired.


      What are the steps to save wet cell phone?

      Removing Battery: The most important step is to quickly remove the battery to save the phone.

      Removing Sim Card: Sim card has the capacity to survive water damage. Remove the sim card so that data and contacts can be restored.

      Getting rid of moisture: Immerse the phone in a bowl of rice to draw out the moisture. It should be left overnight.

      Let your phone dry: Phone should be left to dry completely. Do not try to put the battery as this would lead to further damage with a short circuit. Make sure that everything is completely dry and go for professional help immediately.


      What are some tips to save your phone from water damage?

      • Do not press any button on your phone as this could push water further into the circuit.

      • To prevent the water from spreading throughout the phone keep the device still and do not move it.

      • Don't switch on your phone soon. Let it dry completely.

      • Make sure that you do not use a hairdryer as this can also force the water into the device and can cause further damage.


      What if I drop my phone in saltwater, should I still send it for repair?

      Yes, definitely. The salt in saltwater is very destructive and can damage your electronic device. So you should absolutely send it for water damage repair.


      If my phone drops into the water should I let it dry to see if it works before sending it for repair?

      It's very uncommon that the mobile phone starts to work on its own even after the water damage. Disintegration and residue deposits start to form on the motherboard which makes the repair process very difficult. So it is always recommended to send your phone for repair as soon as possible.


      What is the duration for mobile water damage repair?

      Depending upon the level of damage it takes around 24 to 72 hours. It largely depends on the level of damage to the logic board or motherboard and other constitutes.


      Phone Overheating Problem

      Why does phone tends to overheat?

      • Using your phone while you are charging it.

      • Excessive use of some apps can cause your phone to overheat.

      Read more about why overheating damages phone.


      What should I do if my phone always gets too hot?

      Follow these instructions to avoid it from getting too hot:

      • Reduce the screen sleep time and the brightness of the screen.

      • From time to time clear the cache for adequate running space.

      • Any application with bugs should be uninstalled as these can cause heat during running.


      What are some tips to prevent phone from overheating?

      • The heat which is needed to be emitted out of the handset gets trapped in the cover cases. So, removing cover cases from your phone will prevent overheating to some extent.

      • While charging your phone don't keep it on bed or sofa as it absorbs heat but instead keep it on a hard surface.

      • Keeping your phone on charge overnight will not only drain the battery of your phone but it also ends up heating up your device. This can even cause your phone battery to explode due to overheating. It is always recommended to turn off your phone while charging.

      • Keep your phone away from direct sunlight. The heat and light which is coming from the sunlight get caught in your phone and absorbs it which can cause the phone to overheat.

      • Read more about Tips to prevent android phone from overheating.


      Mobile Screen Repair in Faridabad

      Mobile screen is the heart of the mobile phone. If it stops functioning you can do nothing with your phone. Thus you should always get a mobile screen repair done immediately before further damage happens to your phone. Our expert mobile repairing technicians can resolve all kinds of mobile screen problems and complete your mobile screen repair in no time. Be it iPhone mobile screen repair, Samsung mobile screen repair or any other brand phone mobile screen problem, we will provide immediate solutions. Out professional mobile repairing technicians also guarantee to give you best mobile screen repair rates and 100% genuine replacement parts.


      What is the difference between broken mobile screen and cracked LCD?

      Broken mobile screen repair is only required when even after cracking the front screen of your mobile phone everything is still running on your device and it lights up. Whereas if you see that your device is not functioning and it doesn't lightens up then LCD screen replacement is required.


      What are some other indications for LCD replacement?

      Black or blurred or dim spots, discoloration of mobile screen are some of the signs which tell us that it needs LCD replacement.


      Why it is important to get cracked screen repaired immediately?

      It is very necessary to get the cracked screen repaired immediately because sooner or later it could get worse which will cause more damage and will end up increasing the cost of mobile screen repair.


      Is it possible to unlock the phone with broken screen?

      Unfortunately this is not possible. If you have a broken screen then you will not be able to unlock the phone lock screen. In this situation mobile phone screen replacement is needed.


      What does “Swapping” of screen means?

      When the original glass of the phone is broken but the touch and display are working perfectly fine, then our mobile repair professional would come to your place and swap your old screen with a new one.


      After dropping my phone, the touchscreen stopped working but the glass is not shattered. Will the glass repair solve this issue?

      Yes any unresponsiveness that your phone has suffered will be corrected with the glass and digitizer repair. A digitizer is a glass which covers the LCD and replacing the digitizer will fix the issue as it is the part which is responsible for all the touch function in your phone.


      What mobile screen problems do you specialize in for Mobile Screen repair in Faridabad?

      We have a certified and qualified team of mobile repair technicians in Faridabad who is specialized in repairing all mobile screen issues like samsung screen broken, iPhone screen blackout, OnePlus broken screen, Redmi cracked screen, HTC screen not working, Oppo screen replacement, Windows phone screen repair, Micromax smartphone repair, Motorola touch screen not working, LYF screen not working, Huawei display problem and more. Our team always makes sure that the issue is completely resolved from the core and you can happily start using your mobile phone again.


      What are the different mobile phone brands do you specialize in for Mobile Screen repair in Faridabad?

      Our professional and experienced team of Mobile Technicians in Faridabad is expert in repairing all mobile phone brands irrespective of the problem you are facing in your mobile phones. They specialize in providing you with an instant onsite fix for – iPhone screen repair, Samsung screen repair, HTC screen repair, Oppo cracked screen, OnePlus flickering screen, Redmi broken screen, Motorola screen replacement, Micromax glitching screen or more.


      How do I find mobile repair shops near me for smartphone repair?

      Our website incorporates Google Maps through the Google API, allowing you to find the best mobile phone repair service near you among the various cell phone repair outlets.


      Do I need to provide you my phone's password for mobile screen repair?

      Yes. We use it to test the various features, if needed. We are professionals in the field of smartphone repair which encompasses

      • Screen repair

      • Cracked screen replacement

      • LCD/touch replacement

      • Frozen mobile phone screen

      • Unresponsive touch

      • Black screen with phone working

      • Screen moving up and down randomly

      • Scratches

      • Flickering screen

      • Glitching screen

      • Flashing screen

      We shall only look out for your best interests.


      Samssung Screen Repair

      Do you provide Samsung Screen replacement service?

      Yes, our expert professionals can get your Samsung screen replacement done instantly. We use the best quality parts and make your phone look just like new. In case there are some other issues you will be informed about the same and our mobile repairing technician will provide free prick up and drop service for you.


      What is the charge for Samsung screen repair

      We can give you the quote only on seeing the phone. But our mobile repairing technician ensures to provide the best mobile repairing service at most reasonable rates.


      Iphone repair Faridabad

      Do you provide iPhone screen repair service?

      Yes, we have dedicated technicians to handle iPhone. Their expert knowledge and experienced hands can get your iPhone screen repair done quite smoothly. Our mobile repairing technicians will always be on time and provide a very customer friendly experience.


      What iPhone problems can Quotemykaam professionals solve?

      Our mobile repairing technicians can solve all kinds of iPhone repair problems for all models of the iPhone. Be it iPhone 6s not switching on, iPhone screen freezing, iPhone battery getting heated or any other problem, our expert technicians can solve all kinds of problem.

      Mobile Touch Screen Repair in Faridabad

      What to do if my touch screen is not working?

      If your phone has the problem of the touch screen not working, you would need to check if the screen is clean, that is free of any oil stains, grease or dust. Additionally, you should be using your fingertips as opposed to a stylus or similar devices. If none of these solutions work, it is best to go for professional mobile repair services where a proper fix can be found if mobile phone touch screen is not working. You can always reach out to us @ 09899763411 or place a request online for professional touch screen repair in Faridabad.


      How can I fix the ghost-touch problem?

      When your smartphone responds to presses that you actually might not have made, the situation is known as the ghost-touch problem or a touch glitch problem. Many times, water or dirt underneath the cover of a screen causes a few presses that the user does not make. If the screen is thoroughly cleaned and the cover is put back in place, the issue gets resolved. Otherwise, the best solution is to send it over to professionals who know the intricacies of smartphone repair, screen repair and mobile phone screen replacement.


      Mobile Display Repair in Faridabad

      My phone is working but the screen is black. What do I do?

      If the phone is working fine apart from the black screen, the problem could be due to a faulty backlight of the smartphone. Every mobile phone has a backlight which causes problems if not functional. In this situation, we need to get the screen replaced as soon as possible.


      What does flickering mean?

      If your phone screen is not static and is constantly moving in abstract ways, it is a case of mobile phone screen flickering. Read more about What is screen flickering, glitching and flashing problem in detail?


      Phone Screen Repair

      How is mobile phone screen flickering caused?

      Mobile phone screen flickering can happen due to various reasons. Sometimes when a user installs a lot of apps on their smartphone, screen glitching happens. Other times, screen flickering happens whe+n the hardware of the phone keeps changing light emission from the GPU to the CPU.


      If my phone's screen is flickering, what do I do?

      In case of flickering of a phone screen, it is best to send it to repair immediately as prolonging the problem may lead to complications.


      How to fix screen flickering?

      One possible solution for flickering smartphone screen is to force the GPU to emit back light instead of the hardware switching between the GPU and CPU, which causes flickering. In order to do this :

      • Go to Settings > System > About device.

      • Here, after finding out the Build Number, pressing on it repeatedly will unlock Developer options.

      • After opening Developer Options, go to Drawing Section or Rendering Section.

      • Then, “Turn off hardware overlays” option needs to be selected, or if that is not present, the “Disable hardware overlays” option.


      How do I deal with oil-colored spots on my phone screen?

      Sometimes, an oil-colored spot forms on a certain corner of the phone screen which does not go away. In order to determine the nature of the spot on the screen, you would need to tilt your phone in the portrait and landscape modes. If the positioning of the spot(s) changes, a simple reset of the device will do. If the spots stay where they are, your smartphone screen needs professional mobile repairing.


      What is an unresponsive screen?

      When one or more portions of the screen do not respond to presses made by the user, the phenomenon is known as unresponsive screen.


      How does a screen become unresponsive?

      A smartphone screen may become unresponsive if apps were installed recently that interfere with the phone processing.


      How do you fix an unresponsive screen?

      • Reboot the phone

      • Uninstall apps that were recently installed

      • If neither works, the phone needs to be sent for repair.


      Mobile Phone Speaker Repair in Faridabad

      How do I come to know that my phone is having problem with the speakers?

      Internal issues, broken boards and faulty wires are the various signs of speaker problem in mobiler.


      How will I come to know that whether my phone is having speaker problem or a microphone problem?

      Speaker problem occurs when you experience a poor sound quality and you cannot hear anything at all. Whereas microphone problem occurs when others cannot hear you on call but you can hear them well.


      What is the difference between internal speaker and external speaker?

      Internal Speaker: What we hear on a phone call is an internal speaker. It functions at a lower volume because the phone are pressed against our ears.

      External Speakers: The sound of the external speakers is meant to be louder so that you can hear it when your phone rings or when it is in your bag or purse. The sound you hear when your phone rings or when you are listening to music are from external speakers.


      Mobile Phone Charging Port problem

      Why is my android phone not charging?

      This could be due to several reasons:

      • Faulty cable or charger

      • Charging port problem.

      • Dirt in the charging port.

      • If software crashes then the phone can't charge


      Why does my phone doesn't recognize when the charging cable is connected?

      This usually happens when you use the charging cable which is of low quality.


      Mobile Phone Battery Problem

      How do I know if my mobile phone battery needs to be replaced?

      It totally depends on how frequently and repeatedly you use your device and whether you use data exhausting applications. The time stretch can be either two years or less than six months as well.


      Why my phone's battery drains more quickly than normal?

      • If you notice a sudden drop in the battery life then it could be due to software bug or malfunctioning or damaged hardware. Always make it a point to check whether the system software is up to date or not.

      • Always enable auto brightness control in your phone.

      • Some application tends to drain the phone's battery quickly. If you have those application installed in your phone. Try uninstalling them.


      When should I consider replacing my phone's battery?

      Typically phone's battery starts deteriorating after 400 charging cycle. It is advisable to replace your cell phone's battery after 1-2 years of regular usage.


      How can I prevent draining my phone's battery?

      • It is advisable that you charge your phone only after you have completely drained them. It is very important to keep in mind not to overcharge it.

      • Avoid using auto-brightness.


      Cell Phone Memory Problem

      Why does my phone keep running out of memory?

      The most common reasons could be due to full cache which affects the affective running of applications.


      What do I do so that I don't run out of memory?

      Either uninstall the apps or move the applications to an external SD card, this will free up more space.


      My phone is slow at times, what can I do to make it fast?

      In order to make your phone run fast remove all the apps and data that you don't require.


      Android Camera Not Working

      Why my Samsung S7 camera is displaying black screen whenever I try to take a photo or video? What can be done?

      Android Smartphone Camera shows black screen is a common complaint from users of Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, Huawei and other mobile phones. This can be a hardware issue as well as software issue. If it is a software problem, there is great chance you can try fixing it by yourself. But if, it is a hardware issue, you require professional help. Learn how to fix Android Smartphone camera displaying black screen, if it is a software issue :

      • Switch off your phone for 10 seconds. Then switch on and see if the camera still displays black screen.

      • If your phone has a removable battery, then firstly switch off your phone and pull the battery out. Wait for 10 seconds, put the battery back and switch on your phone. Battery pull is other kind of restart, which also helps to fix software glitches.

      • If nothing happens after the phone restarts, uninstall third-party apps that might be messing with your phone camera, including third-party camera apps or the apps you have recently installed before the black screen problem comes up. After clearing the apps, restart the phone again.

      • Another thing that you can do is clear camera cache. Go to “Apps” > “All” . Find camera and tap “Clear Cache”. The specific steps to clear camera cache may be different on your device.

      • If the camera problem continues, you need to perform hard reset, which will factory reset the phone and wipe out all data. Remember to make a backup before the reset.

      If none of the above steps help to solve your camera problem, your phone camera is probably defective or is out of place because of being dropped or something several times. This means your phone needs professional mobile repair and there are chances your camera get repalced.


      What could be the reasons for flash on camera not working?

      This also can be a hardware as well as software issue. Probable reasons for flash on camera not working can be :

      • Low battery is the most common reason for flash on camera not working. Just charge your phone and it will be fine.

      • Usage of third-party camera or enabling certain filters when taking photo. Un-install third party apps, thir-party camera apps which might be causing problem to your camera.

      • Turn on flashlight on your phone and see if the flashlight functions well. If it is not, your phone may experience hardware damage after being dropped or smashed.


      Mobile Data Recovery

      What all information can be retrieved during data recovery?

      Our technicians try to retrieve the following:

      • Photographs

      • Contacts

      • Apps

      • Email account


      My phone has lots of personal data in it. Will it be safe?

      We are a professional mobile repair service and have experience in working in mobile phone industry. Be rest assured your phone will be on safe hands and it will be taken care by our experienced and professional technicians.


      Will I lose my data after mobile repair?

      Our experienced technicians will ensure that the mobile repair will be carried out keeping the data retention in mind. However, we advise you to back up all the personal data before you hand over the phone for repair.


      Do you recover data for deleted information?

      The ability to recover the data depends largely on your phone. We may be able to recover if it has a memory card that can be mounted on the computer. But we try to recover data such as text messages, documents, contacts, photos and music.


      iPhone Repair Service in Faridabad

      Which Apple models do you repair?

      Our technicians repair the following Apple models:

      • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and 5SE

      • iPhone 6, 6s, 6plus, 6splus

      • iPhone 7 and 7plus


      What services do you provide for iPhone Repair in Faridabad?

      We provide iPhone screen repair, iPhone screen replacement, solutions for a cracked screen, and other mobile repair services.


      I tried to fix the iPhone myself and have it kind of taken apart; can I send it to you to fix it?

      Yes, definitely you can. Just send us your phone and we will take care of it.


      My iPhone has become insensitive to touch, will the glass repair fix this problem?

      Any unresponsiveness with the LCD screen will be corrected as far as there is no serious damage to the frame.


      What are some common problems with Iphones?

      8 Common iPhone Troubleshooting :

      iPhone Freezes up : This happens when your iphone software crashes and sometimes the screen may turn black. In this case, switch off your iphone and start it again, i.e. force restart your iPhone. In order to this press and hold the sleep/wake button and the power button at the same time (for at least 10 seconds). Release the buttons when the Apple logo appears. Force restart will help you resolving the issue. But if still your iOS device keeps freezing, it requires software update. To do so connect your iOS device to your computer and launch iTunes and then download and install the software update if it is available. Sometimes resetting your ios device to factory defaults can also resolve Iphone problems like – iphone freezes, iphone turns off and won't turn on. In case you are unable to carry out the above solution or are still facing the problem, you can always reach out to Quotemykkam Mobile Repair Professionals in Faridabad for instant fix.

      iPhone cannot update : Here, it is advised to use recovery mode to restore your iOS device and conduct a forced restart. Connect your device to a computer, then press and hold the sleep/wake button and the home button of your iOS device at the same time, until the Recovery mode appears. You will then see an option to update. Click on it and as soon as the update is completed, you can set your device. But if there is no update option listed, then select restore and this will erase your iOS device and it will install the latest software version.

      iPhone Data Loss : In order to prevent data loss, you should back up your data regularly through iTunes or iCloud. It is similar to saving your data externally on hard drives when you are using a computer. If you have created a backup of your data on iTunes or iCloud, you can then retrieve your data from iCloud whenever your iphone crashes and you lose your data.

      iPhone Overheating Problem: There can be variuos reasons for this – if you are using the device too much; using the iOS device when it is charging; excess battery usage sometimes possible if one of the apps is consuming too much power, try updating or uninstalling that app. Sometimes, iphone overheating happens if you are not using the latest version of iOS. For this, either reset your iPhone settings or restore your iOS device to factory defaults using iTunes.

      Battery does not last long : One of the most common complaints by iphone users is that the device's battery does not last long. If you are playing games, watching youtube videos for long hours, the iphone battery drains out fast. The simple solution is to reduce the pressure placed on iPhone, for instance, turn off apps that you are not using, update or un-install heavy apps, diable Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. Follow these simple tips and you are good to go. But if your issue remains unresolved, you can contact us @ 09899763411 or place a request online for Mobile Repairing Service in Faridabad and our professional will fix your iOS device at your doorstep.

      iPhone isn't charging : In this case, the USB cable or the charger is at fault most of the times. Try using another cable, or another charger, or try inserting the USB cables in a computer and see if it works, or conduct a force restart. Also, clean the charging port on your iOS device removing all dust, dirt and debris. If still nothing seems to work out, you can always get help from professionals for quick fix.

      Touch screen problems :

      Few things that can help if you are facing issues with iphone touch screen :

      • Clean the iPhone screen with a soft microfiber cloth. Don’t use towels.
      • Try removing the screen protector as sometimes it can mess with your iPhone screen.
      • Restore IOS Device in Recovery Mode or DFU Mode.

      iPhone does not turn on : If your iPhone does not turn on, or is stuck on the logo screen, frozen or unresponsive to touch, then try few things like – force restart, charge your phone for one hour, backup and restore your phone, place your phone into recovery mode and update via computer.

      • In case, your iOS device is still not fixed or you are facing any other problem with your iPhone, you can always reach out to us @ 09899763411 or place a request online and we will provide you best onsite iPhone repairing services in Faridabad


      Android Phone Problems and Solutions

      What are some common problems with smart mobile phones?

      Android Phone Problems and Solutions :

      Mobile Phone Overheating : It is a common issue that all smartphone users have faced. Mobile phone overheating problem is quite bad for your phone in terms of the battery and screen life. To avoid this problem try keeping your phone out of direct sunlight, lowering the brightness level when phone is not in use and close or un-install unused apps.

      Mobile Phone Crashes : Another common problem faced by smartphone users. You can get the smartphone fixed at the service center if it is under warranty otherwise factory resets and restarts can solve the problem as well.

      • In case, the phone is still not fixed or you are facing any other problem with your smartphone, you can always reach out to us @ 09899763411 or place a request online and we will provide you best mobile repair services in Faridabad at the comfort of your home.


      Mobile Phone OS Problem

      What is included in mobile phone OS service?

      Our expert mobile repair professionals can help install a new OS on your mobile and make your device run like new. You may also ask go for services like data backup and restore before installing a new OS on your mobile, which may have extra charges depending on the service provider.


      Mobile Phone Not Turing On

      My phone won’t turn on. What should I do?

      Your Android phone or other smartphones has very few buttons. The immediate way to turn it on is by pressing the power button. Still not working ? Then try these mobile phone not turning on tricks.


      Mobile Phone Bluetooth Problem

      Mobile phone bluetooth paired but not connected problem.

      Many users come across a phenomenon where their Mobile Phone Bluetooth is paired with the other device but is not connected. The device shows a status of Paired, the Bluetooth device shows a status that is connected to some device, but, in reality, you cannot access the Bluetooth device from your mobile phone.

      Here is the list of different workarounds to solve your problem :

      • Restart your mobile phone

      • Disconnect and then again connect with the device

      • Restore the default settings of bluetooth

      • Get an expert to diagnose and fix the issue today


      Wifi not working in Mobile Phone

      What to do when your phone won't connect to Wi-Fi?

      Here is a list of Quotemykaam's top tips :

      • Restart your Phone

      • Airplane Mode off

      • Settings, General, Wi-Fi, select your Wi-Fi and choose 'Forget this Network'

      • Update Software

      • Reset all settings

      Still not working? Then get your phone repaired by professional mobile phone repair trchnician at Quotemykaam.


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