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Best Washing Machine Repair Service in Ghaziabad | 100% Trusted Experts

Best washing machine repair in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam. Top washing machine mechanics for Whirlpool, LG, Samsung Washing Machine repair service

Best washing machine repair in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam. Top washing machine mechanics for Whirlpool, LG, Samsung Washing Machine repair service

Washing Machine Repair Service Rates in Ghaziabad



      Best Washing Machine Repair in Ghaziabad

      Top professional Washing Machine Repair Services in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam for all common washing machine problems – washing machine not working, washing machine not spinning, no water going into washing machine, dryer not working and more.

      Our professional Washing Machine Mechanics in Ghaziabad are well-trained and experienced in repairing all brands makes and models of front load washing machine, top load washing machine and semi-automatic washing machineLG, Videocon, IFB, Godrej, Samsung, Electrolux, Whirlpool washing machine repair.

      Key Washing Machine Repair Services in Ghaziabad

      Why Us

      • Highly Skilled, Verified and Top Rated Washing Machine Technicians in Ghaziabad
      • Expert in multi-brand front load washing machine repair, top load washing machine repair and semi-automatic washing machine repair
      • 100% Genuine parts used for replacement
      • Same day repair services for bookings before 3pm


      • Complete diagnose of the washing machine to find the root cause of the problem.
      • Our professionals are expert in addressing simple and complex issues like washing machine not working, washing machine making noise, no water going into washing machine and more.
      • Equipped with latest tool kit and 100% genuine parts used for repair.
      • We repair all kinds of washing machines – Fully automatic washing machine and Semi automatic washing machine.
      • Repair and maintenance of all types of washing machine brands such as Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, IFB, Electrolux.
      • Read our Washing Machine and Dryer Repair FAQs to know more about our Washing Machine Repair Service in Ghaziabad.

      • The expected turnaround time is usually 2 hours for washing machine repair.
      • It is recommended that the scope of work shall be clearly discussed with the professional to avoid any confusion or disagreements at later date.
      • We do our best to complete the work within the time agreed. In case there are delays beyond our control you are informed in advance.
      • We provide for both Washing Machine Home Service Repair in Ghaziabad and Commercial Washing Machine Repair in Ghaziabad.

      Washing Machine Repair Service in Ghaziabad

      What are the various washing machine brands that you repair?

      Our experience and skilled microwave technicians repair all the major brands of microwave such as:

      • Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair

      • LG Washing Machine Repair

      • Samsung Washing Machine Repair

      • Videocon Washing Machine Repair

      • GE Washing Machine Repair

      • IFB Washing Machine Repair

      • Electrolux Washing Machine Repair

      • Godrej Washing Machine Repair


      How long do you take to repair the washing machine?

      The expected turnaround time is 2 hours. Most repair work takes minimum 20-30 minutes. However, time for washing machine repair depends on the problem as well. So, if the problem is not resolved then you will be informed in advance.


      Will the washing machine be repaired at my place or will it be taken to the service centre?

      That totally depends on the issue. If the issue is minor then the repair will be done at you place otherwise it will be taken.


      What kind of spare parts are used if something needs to be replaced?

      Only 100% genuine and original washing machine spare parts are used for washing machine and dryer repair.


      How would be the spare parts arranged, if needed?

      Our professional will get the spare parts and the invoice will be provided to you for the same or the clients can also get the spare parts themselves.


      Do you provide warranty on washing machine repair service in Ghaziabad?

      Warranty would only be applicable on the parts replaced. Our professional will let you know in advance about the warranty on spare parts.


      Some of the common washing machine problems that require repair are:

      Washing Machine not starting : There could be many reasons behind it. Firstly check for the main power switch if it is working properly, power socket not working or if the fuse is working fine or not. If your washing machine still does not start, check if the door is properly locked in case of front load washing machine. Another reason for washing machine not starting can be default in the control module (PCB) of the washing machine. In this case, it would be better if you call a professional to examine the washing machine.

      Washing Machine making noise : Sometimes objects like coins, debris get trapped in between the outer tub and drum causing the loud noise. So, always check and clear out all the pockets of clothes before putting them in the machine. Another reason could be wear and tear of the bearings of the washing machine which causes loud noise while rotating. Never operate the washing machine if it's bearing are faulty, it can cause serious damage to your appliance. You can either lubricate the bearing with grease (or oil) or if required you may replace them. Please do consult a professional before doing so.

      Washing Machine not spinning : One of the biggest reason for washing machine not spinning could be problem with your appliance&#39s drainage system. The spinning mechanism and drainage system are both connected. So if the drainage doesn’t work then the machine will not spin. Check the pump filter or the hose from the drum going to the pump; they may be blocked. It is also possible that belt from the motor to the drum may be snapped or has come off.

      Washing Machine vibrating abnormally during operation : This means unbalanced tub or the whole washing machine. Always place the washing machine on a completely horizontal surface or get a stand/trolley with adjustable screws beneath. Sometimes, tub gets unbalanced due to wear and tear of the suspension system. Try not to overload the machine with clothes to prevent degradation of the suspension mechanism.

      Water leaking from soap drawer : There can be several reasons behind it. Water pressure is too strong, build-up of undisclosed detergent, blocked drain pipe, over-filling, too many suds and surge in power supply (surge can cause the motor to spin out of control).


      Why choose washing machine repair service in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam?

      • Experience: We have a team of experienced, skilled and professional repairman at your service.

      • Reliable: Background checked and Verified washing machine repair professionals

      • Flexible scheduling: You can book washing machine repair service anytime online or over the phone and get it scheduled as per your convenience.

      • Fast and effective service: Our professional washing machine technicians aim to provide you quick and effective service resolving your issues so that problem doesn't occur again.



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      Best Washing Machine Repair Services in Ghaziabad
      Best Professional Washing Machine Repair Services in Ghaziabad from Quotemykaam. Experienced and Verified Washing Machine Mechanics resolving all problems like washing machine sensor problems, washer doesn't spin, washer is making loud noise, dryer not working properly, washer won't drain. We deal in all brands makes and models Washing Machine repair - IFB, LG, Samsung, Bosch, Videocon, Electrolux, Whirlpool Washing Machine Repair and more. Assured Quality services at best rates.